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10ft Mobile Office Container With Trailer

Get your business rolling without breaking the bank with our 10ft mobile office container. We designed this for business owners who need the security and flexibility of a small mobile office can offer. Not only is it secure and compact, but it also comes with an HVAC package that will keep you and your team comfortable throughout the day. 

One great advantage of having an office on wheels is that you can relocate from one place to another without needing any city permits. These mobile office containers are popular in construction, government, healthcare, tech, and education sectors.

Make the mobile office container your own with our custom fabrication options. Nationwide delivery of the 10′ mobile office container with trailer is available.

  • 10ft mobile office container with trailer standard features:

    • Dual pane window
    • Heavy duty corrugated steel construction
    • Weatherproof
    • Bottom corner castings
    • 1 ⅛” marine grade plywood flooring
    • Heavy duty steel personnel doors
    • Air conditioner (optional heat) 

10ft mobile office container with trailer optional fabrications:

  • 8,000 watt gas/diesel generator 
  • Flooring
  • HVAC
  • Kitchenette
  • Bathroom
  • Built-in desk
  • Electric blinds
  • View all

10ft mobile office container with trailer specifications:

External dimensionsInternal dimensionsMan door dimensions 
Length: 10′ (3.04 m)Length: 9′ (2.75 m)Width: 3′ (0.91 m)
Width: 8′ (2.44 m)Width: 7′ 8” (2.34 m)Height: 6′ 6” (2.01 m)
Height: 8′ 6” (2.62 m)Height: 7′ 10” (2.38 m) 

This 10ft mobile office container will be delivered using one of these options:

20ft Truck
Truck will tow your 10ft mobile office container and leave it at your site.
Local delivery starting at


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