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40' High Cube Open Side w Post Shipping Container

  • 40ft x 8ft x 9ft 6 in. (H) 
  • w/ ISO Lockbox
  • w/ dual open side
  • Supporting post at the center
  • Full side access door with 180 or 270-degree swing door
  • Opening to full width for optimum access
  • Easily sorted and accessed without having to unload the entire container

Secure Closing Cargo Doors with Locking Rods

The secure closing cargo doors provide a tight and protective seal. Fit with locking rods that engage at multiple points of contact – along the top and bottom of the container.

  • Side door access
  • Locking cams/cam retainers
  • Door handle brackets with locking points for additional padlocks
  • Easy access 
  • Weather resistant 
  • Leak proof
  • Compatible with a cargo door lock

High-Security Lockbox

The last thing you want to worry about is an intruder breaking into your container when you’re away. Padlocks are a great primary deterrent, but by themselves can be vulnerable to bolt cutters or other tools. The high-security Lockbox provides a secondary level of secure storage.  

  • Completely covers the padlock shackle      
  • Made from heavy-duty corrugated steel 
  • Welded directly onto the container door
  • Convenient key access
  • Dimensions: 4” x 6” x 8” – ¼”

Corten Steel Construction

The 40ft mobile storage unit is made from high-quality corten steel. Weather-resistant and highly durable, it’s the optimal material for the safe storage of goods.  

  • Weldable and rust-resistant,
  • 14 gauge corrugated sheet walls
  • 7 gauge tubular steel frame
  • -SO

Two-way Forklift Pockets

Conveniently placed for mobility around the job site. Can be moved with a 10,000+ lbs forklift.


Bamboo or Original Plywood Flooring

All shipping containers for sale come with either original plywood or environmentally friendly bamboo flooring. Both materials are incredibly durable and withstand abrasion from foot traffic, furniture, or falling objects.  


Corner Castings

All metal containers for sale come standard with corner castings. They allow for stacking; lifting with a crane; and absorbing the weight of the container. 

  • ISO
  • Corten Steel


  • Shipping Container Painting

    Custom Exterior Color

    Add your own flair to any shipping container! All custom paint jobs use heavy-duty primer and premium DTM (Direct-To-Metal) container paint. For more color options check out our custom color chart.

    For more ideas, look at our project gallery to see how local businesses have incorporated custom paint into their shipping containers.

    HVAC in shipping container


    Keep the interior cool, comfortable, and productive with a custom-installed heavy-duty air conditioner unit. 

    • Air conditioners
    • BARD air conditioners
    • Hazardgard air conditioners (Class 1, Division 2)
    • Roof mount A/C 

    For more information check out our HVAC page.

    Windows in shipping container


    Add some natural lighting and fresh air into your shipping container with custom installed windows. 

    • Dual pane sliding window
    • Skylights
    • Electric window shutter
    • Personnel man door window
    • Double pane picture window 
    • Round windows
    For more information check out our windows page.


    Maintain fresh, cycled air inside of your container with a custom installed ventilation system. We have various ventilation systems to choose from. 

    • Louvered vent
    • Turbine vent
    • Power louvered vent V1
    • Solar turbine vent
    • Man door vent
    • Power louvered vent V2
    • Power turbine vent 
    For more information check out our vents page.

    R-13 Fiberglass Insulation

    Save money on heating and air-conditioning by adding R-13 Fiberglass Insulation. Comes with a moisture barrier and excellent recovery characteristics.

    Shipping Container Electrical Package

    Electrical Packages

    • Traditional Electrical Package: LED light fixtures, outlets, breaker panel. Can be wall or surface mounted and easily expanded to suit your unique needs. 
    • Class 1 division 2 electrical package
    • Solar Panels
    For more information check out our electrical packages page.

    To see our full list of fabrication options click here.


    Try the Conexbuilder tool! 

    Want to see your vision come to life? With the Conexbuilder tool, you can build a virtual model of your container project. Add as many fabrications as you want to a container in a 3D or 2D layout. 

    To use it, click the “Configure your container” button on the front of the product page. Then select container size, add modifications, and save your work.   

    For more instructions on how to use the tool, follow the Conexbuilder tutorial after clicking the link. 


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