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40ft Deep Freezer -76°F to 30°F


These 40ft super freezer containers are for transporting cargo like seafood, meat and pharmaceutical products. Its weatherproof qualities makes it ideal for any environment and the interior temperature will stay consistent between -76°F to 30°F. It is also relatively quiet compared to other commercial freezers and won’t exceed 80db.

External dimensionsInternal dimensionsDoor dimensions Weight
Length: 40′ (12.19 m)Length: 39′ 3” (11.96 m)Width: 7′ 8” (2.34 m)9,880 lbs. (4,481 kg)
Width: 8′ (2.44 m)Width: 7′ 8” (2.34 m)Height: 7′ 5” (2.26 m) 
Height: 8′ 6” (2.62 m)Height: 7′ 10” (2.38 m)


This 40ft super deep freezer container will be delivered using only one option:

40′ Truck and trailer
This truck and trailer can fit two 20ft blast freezer containers. Requires 100ft straight line for drop-off. Read more here

Local delivery starting at


  • All steel parts shall be shot-blasted to Swedish Standard Sa 2.5.
  • Polyurethane contact surfaces a) Main foaming area Special foam adhesive will only be applied to inner linings contact surfaces for good adhesion with PU (at Ultra-low temperature). Outer panel surface will still use a normal adhesive primer or foam bond. b) Residual foaming area of Corten parts Polyamide epoxy primer will be applied to the insulation foam contact surface.
  • All CORTEN steel out surface shall be primed with 30 microns of Zinc rich primer, 40 microns of Epoxy zinc phosphate primer and 50 microns of Acrylic Topcoat.
  • All MGSS parts (roof and side panel) shall be primed 40 microns of Epoxy zinc phosphate primer and 60 microns of Acrylic Topcoat.
  • The steel door panel shall be painted 40 microns of Epoxy zinc phosphate primer and 50 microns of polyurethane topcoat.
  • Undercoating shall be primed with 30 microns zinc-rich primer 40 microns Epoxy zinc phosphate primer and 150microns of Tectyl 121B. Topcoat (Including steel door panel) Color: white (RAL9010). Paint supplier: KCC /HEMPEL (except shop primer)
  • Paint guarantee: 5 years, except as otherwise stated in the purchase order, and based on standard “RE 3” of the “European degree of rusting standards”. Normal wear / tear, or corrosion caused by fish oil, animal and vegetable oils, strong solvents, impact and accident is excluded.
  • The warranty shall be applied to all kinds of faults or failures affecting more than 10% of the painted surface and partial or total repainting shall be assured for the container(s) at the manufacturer’s expense.
  • Decal guarantee: 7 years
  • Other guarantees: All containers (except gaskets, sealant, adhesive, special PVC, and insulating foam) are guaranteed by the manufacturer against any defects or omissions in construction, poor workmanship, defective materials within 1 year after delivery. Delamination caused by mishandling, missecuring, misloading, impact, accident, fire, or acid spillage is not covered by this warranty. A manufacturing defect is established if (a)The adhesion primer or foam bond between the METAL and the foam is separating from the METAL. (primer remains on the foam) (b) The adhesion primer or foam bond is separating within itself (primer remains on the METAL and the foam) (c) The adhesion primer or foam bond is separating from the foam (primer remains on the METAL without a foam cell layer on its surface) The warranty shall be applied to delaminations if the structural integrity is compromised by more than 3sq. meters (as per the latest version of IICL dated June 2005, page 31), as long as neither the length nor the width of the affected area exceeds 1.73 meters. Any damages caused by mishandling, mis-securing, mis-loading, impact and other natures of ancient are excluded. Those materials that need withstand ultra- low temperature, such as gaskets, sealant, adhesive, special PVC and insulating foam, the manufacturer don’t supply quality and using time guarantee.

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