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This chassis is designed for transporting one ISO 20’ or one ISO 40’ container
This chassis meets all DOT, AAR, ANSI, TOFC, FMVSS, SAE, and TTMA specifications.

Overall Length: 29’ -11” retracted or 40’-10” extended
Overall Width: 96”
Fifth Wheel Height: 48 ± 1”
Landing gear Location: 100” (From centerline of kingpin)
Kingpin Location:24” (From rear face of front bolster)
Axle Spread: 49”
Tandem location:54” (From rear face of rear bolster)
Tare Weight: 7,500 lbs ± 2%
Payload: 44,800 lbs in 20’ position; 67,200 lbs in 40’ position

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